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Natuurmuseum Brabant

Here you sit with your nose on nature. Thanks to exhibitions, you can learn everything about the life of plants and animals, with a nod to humans.

Natuurmuseum Brabant is a family museum about the life of plant and animal, with a nod to man. You can hunt mammoth in the Ice Age! , test your wolf knowledge in the True Wolf or start working as a detective in the OO zone, where you will find more than 2000 objects in a fake depot. For the little ones there is the exhibition Frog is here! , where they can watch Frogs house and play various games. The museum has been around for eighty years and still attracts many visitors every year. The unique exhibitions of high quality, active discoveries, fascinating lectures, (nature) activities: you will find it in the Nature Museum in Brabant, where you can sit with your nose in the middle of nature!

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Natuurmuseum Brabant
Spoorlaan 434
5038CH Tilburg
31135353935 31135353935
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