The 30 best shops to visit during a day of shopping in Zwolle

In the atmospheric center of Zwolle you can enjoy shopping. Diezerstraat is the most famous shopping street with mainly the large chains and well-known brands. The more unique fashion shops, boutiques and other specialty shops can be found in the Sassenstraat and Luttekestraat. Also along the Oude Vismarkt, Nieuwe Markt and around the Grote Kerkplein you can wander around in search of the perfect outfit, original gifts and regional delicacies such as the famous Zwolse Balletjes. To make your day of shopping in Zwolle a success, we have listed the best shops for you.

blank Photo Villa Tovertoren in Zwolle, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Hobby & leisure

Villa Tovertoren

Original quality toys, nice clothes and lots of nostalgia. You'll find it all when you snooze around in this cozy store.

blank Photo Slijterij Bartels in Zwolle, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Delicacies & specialties

Slijterij Bartels

For a good wine or delicious whiskey, you're right here. The assortment is large and partly to be found in the impressive, authentic wine cellar.

blank Photo Bonbonnerie Borrel in Zwolle, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Delicacies & specialties

Bonbonnerie Borrel

Let yourself be seduced by the scent of chocolate, truffles and chocolates prepared here in a traditional way. The door is open for you.

blank Photo Van Beek Lederwaren in Zwolle, Shopping, Fun shopping, Buy gifts

Van Beek Lederwaren

As 75 years old you can go here for luxury leather goods, business cases and travel items. A large collection where you will certainly find something to your taste.

blank Photo Veilinghuis de Voorstraat in Zwolle, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Hobby & leisure

Veilinghuis de Voorstraat

In the store you will find all kinds of collectors supplies. In addition, postage stamps, coins, postcards are auctioned every month.

blank Photo Engel Winkelcafé in Zwolle, Shopping, Lifestyle, Coffee, Lunch

Engel Winkelcafé

A shop and a cafe in one. Here they are happy with (h) honest products with a good background. Be surprised by original items.

blank Photo September in Zwolle, Shopping, Fun shopping


Women's fashion of good quality and made of comfortable fabrics. You can go to September for that. They have a collection of clothes and jewelry.

blank Photo Sassy in Zwolle, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


In the Sassenstraat you can go to Sassy for contemporary clothing labels, and for accessories, shoes and stuff for the home.

blank Photo Pogo-designshop in Zwolle, Shopping, Buy home accessories


Cheerful gifts, delicious gifts and stylish design. Look around and be surprised by the many decorative home accessories.

blank Photo Foodboutique in Zwolle, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties


Here you will find 'Products with Manners', or well-mannered, artisanal products that have been created in a socially and responsibly manner.

blank Photo Waanders In de Broeren in Zwolle, Shopping, Gift, Hobby, Coffee, Event

Waanders In de Broeren

Much more than a bookstore; an unprecedented world where you can shop, eat and drink surprisingly or enjoy lectures and concerts.

blank Photo Het Konkeltje in Zwolle, Shopping, Gift, Delicacy, Coffee

Het Konkeltje

This craft coffee and tea shop has an assortment which consists of no less than 25 types of Mocca d'Or coffee and 150 types of tea.

blank Photo De Lunchwinkel in Zwolle, Eat & drink, Gift, Coffee, Lunch

De Lunchwinkel

The atmospheric Lunchwinkel is a place to have a cup of coffee or have a delicious lunch. But also for an original gift.

blank Photo Spøtted Zwolle in Zwolle, Shopping, Fun shopping

Spøtted Zwolle

The atmospheric trend follower in Zwolle. The carefully selected women's fashion collection is always equipped with the latest style elements.

blank Photo 101winkels in Zwolle, Shopping, Fashion, Gift, Lifestyle


101winkels is a concept store with unique mostly handmade products from various creative entrepreneurs and brands.

blank Photo Viva la moda in Zwolle, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Viva la moda

At this women's clothing store with a boutique look they are always looking for the latest trends and like to give them their own twist.

blank Photo Moonloft in Zwolle, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Gifts & presents


A too cute concept store full of fashion, gifts jewelry and home accessories. Among the mix of items, you will definitely find an item that you fall in love with.

blank Photo Bijzonderheden conceptstore in Zwolle, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Bijzonderheden conceptstore

Special features is a concept store where art, design and craft go hand in hand. The designs are unique or are made in small editions.

blank Photo 't Kerkbrugje in Zwolle, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking

't Kerkbrugje

At this atmospheric flower specialist store, a team of experienced craftsmen put together beautiful bouquets.

blank Photo Franck in Zwolle, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties


A food shop with the best meals, culinary soups, crazy soft drinks, chocolate, freshly baked organic bread and much more.

blank Photo La Ropa in Zwolle, Shopping, Fun shopping

La Ropa

La Ropa, which in Spanish means “clothes”, offers women's fashion of beautiful brands.

blank Photo Op Tafel in Zwolle, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Delicacy

Op Tafel

At Op Tafel they have all kinds of atmospheric products to decorate the table and kitchen. They also have an assortment of artisanal food.

blank Photo Young Men's Shop in Zwolle, Shopping, Fun shopping

Young Men's Shop

Here they have a fashionable, refreshing and surprising look at fashion. From a business outfit to a sporty, casual look.

blank Photo Het Zwolse Balletjeshuis in Zwolle, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Delicacies & specialties

Het Zwolse Balletjeshuis

Here in the basement the Zwolse Balls are still made in an artisanal way. Traditional confectionery according to ancient and secret recipe.

blank Photo EVA MODE & LIFESTYLE in Zwolle, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Lifestyle & cooking


Here they offer the ideal combination of fashion and lifestyle. From an extensive range of women's clothing to beautiful vases, cushions and home accessories.

blank Photo Derksen & Derksen in Zwolle, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Derksen & Derksen

Here you can put together an exclusive outfit while enjoying a cup of coffee. From casual outfit to business park. The collection of men's fashion is large.

blank Photo Blauwdruck in Zwolle, Shopping, Gift, Lunch, Sight


Blauwdruck sells art by artists from Overijssel with an emphasis on Zwolle. You can also have a healthy snack at Deliroos.

blank Photo Reinhard Frans Schoenen in Zwolle, Shopping, Fun shopping

Reinhard Frans Schoenen

Visit this shop for beautiful, high-quality, handmade men's shoes for a great price. Customizen is also one of the possibilities.

blank Photo Taronja Wooncadeaus in Zwolle, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking

Taronja Wooncadeaus

Surprising shop in historic building in Hartje Zwolle with unique accessories and gifts. Visit the exhibition space or follow a workshop.

blank blank

Old Vic

Here clothes from mostly Italian brands find a new owner. For men, young and old, who want to look according to the latest fashion image.

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