Photo De Tuynkamer in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining - #1
Photo De Tuynkamer in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining - #2
Photo De Tuynkamer in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining - #3

De Tuynkamer

Restaurant De Tuynkamer has something for everyone. Do well with delicious dishes, also in the beautiful city garden and conservatory.

Here they go with the times and want guests to enjoy. The restaurant is cozy, always innovative and a busy discouragement place for everyone. It is located in the heart of Hoorn and is a unique place for lunch, bruch, dinner or high tea. In addition to the fact that you can sit inside, they also have an atmospheric city garden and conservatory at De Tuynkamer. Find your favourite spot and taste some of the extensive map.

Eat & drink - Lunch , Dining

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De Tuynkamer
Gedempte Turfhaven 44
1621HG Hoorn
0229270808 0229270808
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Opening hours
Monday   11:30–18:00
Tuesday   10:15–18:00
Wednesday   10:15–18:00
Thursday   10:15–23:00
Friday   10:15–23:00
Saturday   10:15–23:00
Sunday   11:30–23:00
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