The 62 best places to visit during a city trip in Hoorn

Hoorn is a historic city with a special atmosphere. The past of the mighty VOC is still present. Take a look at old warehouses or visit the charming harbour where, with a little luck, you will see how fishermen hang their nets dry. Besides the many monuments Hoorn has several museums and a varied shopping offer. In the center you will find nice home shops but also special antique and fashion shops.

blank Photo Lokaal OostWest in Hoorn, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Enjoy nice drink

Lokaal OostWest

The only specialty beer shop in Hoorn with more than 500 different beers on the shelf. Every fan will discover something new here.

blank Photo Julianapark in Hoorn, View, Neighborhood, square, park


The city park of Hoorn is located on the Markermeer. Next to the recreation area Schellinkhouterdijk you will find the Shell beach and the deer camp.

blank Photo Hotel Oostereiland in Hoorn, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel Oostereiland

Hotel Oostereiland is the prison hotel of Hoorn where you stay in a former prison cell and you will experience a unique overnight stay.

blank Photo De Tuynkamer in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

De Tuynkamer

Restaurant De Tuynkamer has something for everyone. Enjoy delicious dishes, also in the beautiful city garden and conservatory.

blank Photo d'Oude Waegh in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner, Sight

d'Oude Waegh

In the historic heart of Hoorn you will find D'Oude Waegh. From early morning until late in the evening you can eat and drink here.

blank Photo De Kloosterpoort in Hoorn, Shopping, Fashion, Gift, Hobby

De Kloosterpoort

The open studio of De Kloosterpoort ensures that the craftsmanship is visible. Here you will find silver jewellery, fossils and henna.

blank Photo Sweet Dreams in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Sweet Dreams

Taste dishes from Texan/Mexican cuisine with a western touch. Less spicy, but so tasty. Bienvenido a Sweet Dreams.

blank Photo Bossuhuizen in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks


Take a look up here. The facing bricks tell the story of the battle of the Zuiderzee as a comic book.

blank Photo Loft der Zotheid in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Loft der Zotheid

At the Loft of Folly they have more than enough to put together delicious meals. Honest, surprising and most importantly tasty.

blank Photo Clevers Concept Store in Hoorn, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Clevers Concept Store

Clevers has something for everyone. Think of organic wines and local products. But also home decorations, vintage must-haves and delicious soaps.

blank Photo Slijterij 't Fust in Hoorn, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Slijterij 't Fust

In this liquor store they are happy to help you choose from the wide range of beers, wines and whiskies. For good and sympathetic advice.

blank Photo Bij KAAR, Hart voor Mode in Hoorn, Shopping, Fun shopping

Bij KAAR, Hart voor Mode

Here they have a heart for fashion. Shop owner Karin travels for the collection with great passion and love throughout Europe.

blank Photo Claes Stapelhof in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks

Claes Stapelhof

Walk through the gate into this former women's courtyard. It was founded in 1682 by Claes Stapel and two friends, probably merchants.

blank Photo Modegallery Bananamour in Hoorn, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Modegallery Bananamour

Be inspired by the tasteful fashion. Bananamour has special collections for people who want to stand out in fashion.

blank Photo Grand Café Restaurant ’t Hop in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Grand Café Restaurant ’t Hop

Go here for a tasty lunch or dinner. The restaurant is uniquely located on the Hoornse Hop. The view makes a visit an experience.

blank Photo De Hoofdtoren in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

De Hoofdtoren

Via an exciting staircase you enter a charming restaurant with a beautiful view over the harbour. For a delicious dinner or a cup of coffee.

blank Photo Hoorn Maritiem in Hoorn, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Hoorn Maritiem

Horn Maritiem hangs full of clothing that is perfect for on and around the water. From Norwegian and skipper sweaters to a collection of waterproof windjackets.

blank Photo Marque restaurant in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Dining

Marque restaurant

In a beautiful building on the old Bierkade they cook delicious dishes from the modern French-Mediterranean cuisine. Be surprised by the flavors.

blank Photo Basic Label in Hoorn, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Basic Label

A home store full of tough basics, pure materials and the right accessories. The place to get inspiration for the decoration of your home.

blank Photo De Halve Maen in Hoorn, View, Sightseeing, Experience

De Halve Maen

Learn all about the Golden Age and the hard life of fishermen and freighters on the former Zuiderzee.

blank Photo Strandpaviljoen Oranje Buiten in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink

Strandpaviljoen Oranje Buiten

Hoorn has its own beach pavilion with spacious terrace on the water of the Markermeer. Top location to enjoy a snack and a drink.

blank Photo Hotel de Posthoorn in Hoorn, Sleep, Sleep

Hotel de Posthoorn

In the heart of Hoorn is this fine hotel with retro-style rooms. It also features a rooftop terrace and you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.

blank Photo Binnenhaven in Hoorn, View, Neighborhood, square, park


Taste the history of Hoorn while walking around the inner harbour and enjoy the sun on a terrace at one of the restaurants or cafes.

blank Photo Burgers Hoorn in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Burgers Hoorn

For pure, delicious burgers you can visit Burgers Hoorn. Citizens are artisanally made from meat with an honest story.

blank Photo Kaan's Kaashandel in Hoorn, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Kaan's Kaashandel

A shop where the color yellow prevails. For more than 100 years you can go to Kaans' Kaashandel for a piece of cheese.

blank Photo Koepelkerk in Hoorn, View, Sightseeing


This church was built in 1882 and dedicated to the saints Francis of Assisi and Cyriacus. The church has a beautiful dome and a special organ.

blank Photo Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw in Hoorn, View, Visit museum

Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw

It tells about life in the last century by means of many objects and interiors. A visit full of surprise and recognition.

blank Photo Oosterkerk in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks


Originally a church for fishermen and skippers. Nowadays, behind the imposing doors you will find a cultural centre where everything happens.

blank Photo Sint Pietershof in Hoorn, View, Neighborhood, square, park, Activities

Sint Pietershof

Here breathes the atmosphere of a distant past. This special place with beautiful garden can be visited by appointment or during special events.

blank Photo Tillemans Tailors in Hoorn, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Tillemans Tailors

The case for real gourmets. Through the personal and expert advice of Tillemans Tailors you always get the clothes the man makes.

blank Photo Maak je Taart in Hoorn, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy hobby stuff

Maak je Taart

A delicious specialty store in the field of cake decoration materials and ingredients where you can also regularly visit for fun workshops.

blank Photo Local Hoorn in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Local Hoorn

Enjoy the coffee, fresh soup, sandwiches, homemade cakes and other local delicacies in a cozy living room atmosphere, that is possible at Local!

blank Photo Graaf van Hoorn Boutique Guesthouse in Hoorn, Sleep, Spending the night

Graaf van Hoorn Boutique Guesthouse

This B&B is housed in a monumental VOC mansion with high ceilings, wooden spiral staircases, great comfort, excellent beds and delicious breakfast.

blank Photo Oostereiland in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks, Neighborhood, square, park


On this island from the VOC era you will find the Museum of the Twentieth Century, a film theatre and the centre for historical sailing heritage.

blank Photo Eetcafé Bommels in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Eetcafé Bommels

Immediately experience the pleasant atmosphere and personal touch upon entering. Here they surprise guests every week with a new dish or menu.

blank Photo Bonte Boeken in Hoorn, Shopping, Buy hobby stuff

Bonte Boeken

From science fiction to detectives, for old and young. Here they specialize in secondhand and antiquarian books.

blank Photo Oosterpoort in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks


Only remaining city gate of Hoorn located next to the Oosterplansoen. The brick arch bridge takes you to the other side of the Draafsingel.

blank Photo Vok Jong in Hoorn, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Vok Jong

Here they have everything to brighten up your house. The assortment consists of plants and bouquets but also of vases and statues for the garden.

blank Photo Het Gele Teken in Hoorn, Shopping, Buy hobby stuff

Het Gele Teken

In a monumental building you will find a large comic book treasure room filled with thousands of comic books. Dutch comics are central here.

blank Photo Westfries Museum in Hoorn, View, Museums & galleries

Westfries Museum

Welcome to the golden age. In one of the most beautiful buildings in Hoorn you will find this museum where the emphasis is on the period between 1500 and 1800.

blank Photo De Baai in Hoorn, Activity, Lunch, Drink, Activity

De Baai

Enjoy a delicious lunch or drink at floating paradise De Baai on the waterfront terrace. Water sports can also be found here, something for everyone.

blank Photo Centrum Varend Erfgoed in Hoorn, View, Museums & galleries

Centrum Varend Erfgoed

A museum harbour with sailing monuments and a fascinating exhibition. The exhibition broadly follows the maritime history of Hoorn.

blank Photo Vinck Wijn & Spijshuis in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Drink, Dining

Vinck Wijn & Spijshuis

Enjoy a cosy drink with snacks in a casual atmosphere or go for an in-depth and special wine experience with beautiful dishes.

blank Photo Basiclabel Loft in Hoorn, Shopping, Buy home accessories

Basiclabel Loft

Basiclabel is full of furniture and home accessories made of sturdy, basic and pure materials. Experience the world of Loft, it's a true living experience

blank Photo Pand 12 in Hoorn, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking

Pand 12

At Pand 12 you will find artistic, funny and original gifts to brighten up your interior. Often decorated around a special color or theme.

blank Photo IJssalon Vivaldi in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween

IJssalon Vivaldi

The address for artisan Italian ice cream. Named after the talented composer from Italy. Like his pieces, the ice cream here are masterpieces.

blank Photo Roode Steen in Hoorn, View, Neighborhood, square, park

Roode Steen

On this cozy square several streets converge. The red stone found on the square used to be the backdrop of bloody activities.

blank Photo Gumbleton's English Tea Room in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch

Gumbleton's English Tea Room

Step inside and experience the relaxed English atmosphere. Choose from 35 types of tea and enjoy it in combination with a piece of cake, scone or savoury snack.

blank Photo Hotel de Magneet in Hoorn, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel de Magneet

Within walking distance of the center is this cozy hotel where you spend the night in modern comfort, extensive breakfast and in the atmospheric café.

blank Photo De Bourgondiër in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

De Bourgondiër

The terrace boat of De Burgondiër has been named one of the best terraces in the Netherlands. But also inside is Burgundian enjoyment.

blank Photo Restaurantcafé Ridderikhoff in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Restaurantcafé Ridderikhoff

In the heart of the city you will find Restaurant Café Ridderikhoff. Enjoy a cup of coffee to a multi-course dinner in an atmosphere of theatre and history.

blank Photo Watertaxi Hoorn in Hoorn, Activity, Activities

Watertaxi Hoorn

Explore the harbours of Hoorn from the water, take a cruise along the city's coastline or go for a ride to another stop in the port.

blank Photo Eet en Bierencafé De Beiaard in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Eet en Bierencafé De Beiaard

Bubbling and eating at De Beiaard is very cozy. There is a relaxed atmosphere, the staff are friendly, the food is good and the choice of beer is spacious.

blank Photo De Worsterij in Hoorn, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

De Worsterij

Craft quality in a cozy and cozy shop with an old Dutch look. They travel city and country in search of the best products.

blank Photo Eetcafé ‘t Schippershuis in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink

Eetcafé ‘t Schippershuis

The song 'the little cafe at the port' by Father Abraham is written about this cafe. For old-fashioned conviviality you are definitely good here.

blank Photo Parkeergarage Schouwburg Het Park in Hoorn, Info, Park

Parkeergarage Schouwburg Het Park

This not too large car park is located on the west side below the theatre near the city centre of Hoorn. The ride height is somewhat limited.

blank Photo Toeristisch Informatie Punt in Hoorn, Info, Collect information

Toeristisch Informatie Punt

The TIP is located on the East Island in the port of Hoorn. In addition to tourist information you will find typical Dutch and West Frisian souvenirs.

blank Photo Parkeergarage 't Jeudje in Hoorn, Info, Parking places

Parkeergarage 't Jeudje

This municipal car park is located on the northeast side close to the centre of Hoorn.

blank Photo P+R Station in Hoorn, Info, Parking places

P+R Station

Behind the station on the north side of Hoorn lies this large car park. Via the walkway over the railway you walk into the city in more than 5 minutes.

blank blank

Parkeerterrein Visserseiland

Pretty large car park at the southern Grashaven. You can park relatively cheap and walk from there to the city centre.

blank Photo Parkeerterrein Nieuwe Wal in Hoorn, Info, Parking places

Parkeerterrein Nieuwe Wal

You can park for free in the ABC and Nieuwe Wal car parks at the Julianapark. In more than 10 minutes walk you are in the historic center.

blank Photo NS Station Hoorn in Hoorn, Info, Travel

NS Station Hoorn

This train station is located on the north side of the city centre. Take the main exit and walk to the city centre in a few minutes.

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