The 15 most beautiful sights and museums to visit in Hoorn

In the city centre of Hoorn, the past of the mighty VOC is still palpable. See old warehouses, whose fa├žade can sometimes be read as a comic book, or visit the atmospheric harbour where you can see with luck how fishermen hang their nets dry. In the historic city centre you will find many monuments as well as a number of unique museums. About the maritime history of the Horn, the Golden Age and Twentieth Century. The harbour and water also give the city a unique character. Discover it for yourself with your own city guide full of your favorite spots.

blank Photo Claes Stapelhof in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks

Claes Stapelhof

Walk through the gate into this former women's courtyard. It was founded in 1682 by Claes Stapel and two friends, probably merchants.

blank Photo Centrum Varend Erfgoed in Hoorn, View, Museums & galleries

Centrum Varend Erfgoed

A museum harbour with sailing monuments and a fascinating exhibition. The exhibition broadly follows the maritime history of Hoorn.

blank Photo Sint Pietershof in Hoorn, View, Neighborhood, square, park, Activities

Sint Pietershof

Here breathes the atmosphere of a distant past. This special place with beautiful garden can be visited by appointment or during special events.

blank Photo d'Oude Waegh in Hoorn, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner, Sight

d'Oude Waegh

In the historic heart of Hoorn you will find D'Oude Waegh. From early morning until late in the evening you can eat and drink here.

blank Photo De Halve Maen in Hoorn, View, Sightseeing, Experience

De Halve Maen

Learn all about the Golden Age and the hard life of fishermen and freighters on the former Zuiderzee.

blank Photo Oostereiland in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks, Neighborhood, square, park


On this island from the VOC era you will find the Museum of the Twentieth Century, a film theatre and the centre for historical sailing heritage.

blank Photo Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw in Hoorn, View, Visit museum

Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw

It tells about life in the last century by means of many objects and interiors. A visit full of surprise and recognition.

blank Photo Koepelkerk in Hoorn, View, Sightseeing


This church was built in 1882 and dedicated to the saints Francis of Assisi and Cyriacus. The church has a beautiful dome and a special organ.

blank Photo Roode Steen in Hoorn, View, Neighborhood, square, park

Roode Steen

On this cozy square several streets converge. The red stone found on the square used to be the backdrop of bloody activities.

blank Photo Bossuhuizen in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks


Take a look up here. The facing bricks tell the story of the battle of the Zuiderzee as a comic book.

blank Photo Oosterkerk in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks


Originally a church for fishermen and skippers. Nowadays, behind the imposing doors you will find a cultural centre where everything happens.

blank Photo Julianapark in Hoorn, View, Neighborhood, square, park


The city park of Hoorn is located on the Markermeer. Next to the recreation area Schellinkhouterdijk you will find the Shell beach and the deer camp.

blank Photo Westfries Museum in Hoorn, View, Museums & galleries

Westfries Museum

Welcome to the golden age. In one of the most beautiful buildings in Hoorn you will find this museum where the emphasis is on the period between 1500 and 1800.

blank Photo Oosterpoort in Hoorn, View, Sights & landmarks


Only remaining city gate of Hoorn located next to the Oosterplansoen. The brick arch bridge takes you to the other side of the Draafsingel.

blank Photo Binnenhaven in Hoorn, View, Neighborhood, square, park


Taste the history of Hoorn while walking around the inner harbour and enjoy the sun on a terrace at one of the restaurants or cafes.

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